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look_at_you_all's Journal

see the love there that's sleeping
9 December 1987
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Hello there.

Welcome to my world of marshmallow pies and newspaper taxis!

All my life, however short it has been thus far I have been passionate about two things, The Beatles, and my own personal creativity.

I know what you're saying if you know me and that is, "But Ashley, you already have a graphics community." And I do, one I will continue to update, but most likely only for wrestling graphics.

This is where I will pay tribute to the beautiful things in life, whether it be a television show I love, or an actress, or simply images of islands, or objects. It is also where I will be putting my icons as I go through the process of re-learning how to make them.

So if you're here I hope you enjoy your stay, and hope you will take the time to leave a comment or two.
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